Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Au revoir Bob......

Dear Bob,

I KNOW you did your best, I was never in doubt.  Although I didn't agree with everything you did, I've never questioned your integrity, commitment, dedication and love for this team.  You never brought us to the promised land, but you gave us a terrific 2007/8 season and for that I thank you.  That was the most fun I've had watching the Habs since the seventies.

I wish you peace and happiness in whatever you do, you've earned it in spades.

Oh Bob, just one last thing, does this mean we can have Saku back now?




soperman said...

Nice to see someone show Bob a little respect on the web. Thanks. I suspect some of his biggest detractors would have been tongue-tied if they met him in person.

Moey said...

Indeed Soperman. To coin Bob's phrase, "gutless bastards" would best describe them.