Monday, February 1, 2010

How 'tweet it is.....or not

Recently I've been having issues with my Twitter account.  It was sending out messages to my followers, like "Hi" among other things.  I was tearing my hair out because I wasn't composing or sending them.  I changed my settings, disabled my phone etc., and then I decided to Google "problems with Twitter" and finally found an answer.  Someone had hijacked my account for Spam purposes.  I found it strange that instead of normally going to my Twitter homepage it kept asking me to sign in.  That's were the son(s) of a gun got my password and then the "fun" began.  I apologize to my followers who were on the receiving end of this crap, I didn't send out "Hi" three days in a row, some people must have thought I was a nutter.  The one consolation is that apparently it happened to Barack Obama too, so at least I'm in good company!  It's simple enough to fix, I just had to change my password.  For the next little while I'll be keeping a close eye on my direct messages to make sure no more garbage is generated.  It has been a very frustrating couple of days.  Isn't technology wonderful?

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