Friday, February 26, 2010

Some things never change.........

There could be a good possibility that we will face the USA for Olympic gold.  Personally I don't have a hate on for the US, in fact I enjoy visiting and spending vacation time with our neighbors to the south. 

My mum (being from Scotland) used to tell a joke that expresses most British peoples' view of Americans, especially during the second world war.

It goes like this, an American tourist was drinking in the lovely sight of Loch Lomond, which is nestled between the low and highlands of Scotland. It's also one of the largest lakes in Great Britain.  He wistfully remarks to his friend "Oh, if only we could have a lake this beautiful back in the US."  The wee Scottish guide quips "if ye could suck as hard as ye blow you'll have it over there in no time."

Beautiful Loch Lomond at sunset

Sadly, not much has changed since the war.  This is an email we received from a friend of ours who lives in the US.  He's not American, but clearly he's embraced their culture with gusto.

How disappointing and heart-breaking it was to watch the poor Canadian hockey team getting its ass-kicked by the Americans last night at the Olympic games; worse yet, it happened in front of the whole world and on its in own soil. How humiliating it must have been for a country traditionally so proud of its hockey prowess! Last night’s performance was definitely a lesson in humility, if nothing else!

Predictions, as they say are for gypsies, so I won't be making any about Olympic hockey results.  But I will say this, if they ever decide to add an Olympic event in Blowhardism, I'm confident that Team USA will walk away with Gold, Silver and Bronze.


soperman said...

Perhaps your readers would like to see the response to your American friends, now that it is Monday morning and you have the benefit of history on your side (and the case of beer Obama owes Harper - not that I can picture that dweeb (Harper) drinking beer.)

Moey said...


To be honest, I'm not one to rub people's noses in it, that can bite you in the backside, much like the email he sent. He did send another email congratulating Team Canada, which I accepted gracefully. I also tipped my hat to Team USA, they put up a hell of a good fight.

soperman said...

Good for you, Moey. You are a true Canadian.