Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A welcome break........

Olympics are underway, Team Canada takes to the ice tonight against Norway.  No NHL for two weeks, yay!  Er, I mean boo hoo. 

Today's burning question, does Andre Markov think playing for his country is more important than the Habs?  Yes, probably and get over it people, the Russians are a very proud, close knit bunch.  Ovechkin stated he would risk suspension from the NHL in 2014 if he had to in order to play for his country.  Some Einstein wrote in to the Team 990 this afternoon and demanded Markov be traded.   So yes, I'm looking forward to two weeks of no Hab's hand wringing and whining, weeping and gnashing of teeth (mine) are also on the back burner.

A few of my readers who are not hockey people would like me to blog about anything but.  You'll have your wish for the next week or so and I'll throw in a couple of recipes along the way.  Pure Moey musings on the menu with a side order of Team Canada and then it's off to California on March 5th, with daily blogging updates/pics and a recap of the Habs/Ducks game.  Stay tuned.


Rookie said...

Whoever asked for a Markov trade should definitely be in the running for a Darwin award.
There are so many people headed to the Habs' California games this year!! I'll be in LA for the Kings game and I've got a friend going to Anaheim, and maybe the Kings game.

Moey said...


Even when I think I've heard it all from these so called Habs "fans", I'm still left shaking my head.

I was contemplating the Kings game too, but I'll be content just seeing Saku on the ice again. He'll always be my captain.

Number31 said...

Screw Marinaro. I think he's been hanging with those L'Attaque a Cinq guys too much. So let's see... They want to run Price out of town. Now they're working on Markov. And then will complain how we're constantly trapped in an endless spiral of suck. Whatever. Markov needs to work on convincing Korneev to get over here.

Go Team Norway pants!

soperman said...

Trade Markov? Edmonton taught us that anyone can be traded (Gretzky) but not because they want to play for their country! This would not be an issue if he was Canadian.

Moey said...


Some of the things I hear and read sometimes you really have to wonder if some of these people are housing a single grey cell.